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Tantra Massage Stockholm

Sacred tantric healing

Tantra will release the divine within you, heal your trauma and sexual blocks, increase your confidence as a lover, and allow you to experience greater connection to yourself, and others.

About Lisa

Elisabeth (Lisa) Björling has worked as a Tantra Massage Practitioner, Trainer, and Sexsibility Coach since 2011.

She has had thirteen different teachers from all over the world, working with sexuality from many different angles.

She works with men, women and couples, offering a deeply profound healing experience, and is passionate about helping her clients overcome sexual issues that are holding them back.

Sessions are available in English or Swedish.

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Lisa has worked with clients from all walks of life, and has a deep understanding of the human body and its sexual energy. 

Tantra Massage is a deeply intimate experience, and Lisa is skilled in creating a space where her clients can feel safe to explore their sexuality. 

Lisa’s work is transformational and healing, and she is passionate about helping her clients to connect with their true sexual-selves.

Love Yourself, Love Your Body, Fill Yourself With Energy


Tantra For Men

There are many benefits of Tantra Massage for men, including improved sexual function (overcoming ED and PE), and decreasing performance anxiety. It can also help to circulate healing energy throughout the body, improving your overall well-being, and improve your confidence in and out of the bedroom. On top of this, it is a deeply relaxing experience, helping you to reduce stress and anxiety.

Tantra For Women

The goal of a Tantric Massage for women, is to create an intimate connection between the body and mind. The focus is on deep relaxation and re-connection to yourself. Unlike a regular massage, Tantra has a spiritual component, helping women to increase their vitality, confidence, enhance sexual pleasure and overcome any trauma that has become stuck in her body.

Tantra For Couples

The purpose of Lisa's Tantra Training for couples is to deepen the connection between yourself and your partner. Through this training, you will improve your relationship's communication, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction. Learning the art of Tantra, and Tantric Massage, you and your partner can elevate your relationship to new levels of passion, pleasure and happiness.

Notice Time

Please provide at least 24 hours notice for all session bookings.


To confirm that Tantra is for you, you will have a short phone call with Lisa.


Address will be provided after booking.

Want to make an enquiry?

If you have any questions, or want to find out if Tantra can help you, or would like to book a session, please get in touch and Lisa will get back to you within 24 hours.

Tantra Massage Stockholm